Web Traffic Conversion

Your site could be getting a flood of qualified traffic. But that traffic will go to waste if your site does not have a clear path to conversion. Whether they are purchases, requests for information or newsletter sign-ups – conversions are what count!

The sales process begins at the search engine and ideally ends in a conversion on your site. But most web sites are not built with conversions in mind.

Why your website needs conversion optimization:

  • More Leads/Sales – a higher conversion rate means you get more sales and leads from your existing website traffic. Think about it…that means you can get more sales without spending one cent more on advertising!
  • Decreased Cost – raising your conversion means you spend less advertising money for each lead or sale you get.
  • More Profit – more leads or sales and decreased costs add up to more profits! Whether you have an ecommerce site, landing page for lead generation, or other type of website, improved conversions means increased profits.

Improving Website Conversion for Every Visitor You Have

Our web traffic conversion service will work on improving website conversion rates for every visitor you have and for every stage of the buying process, from the first time a visitor lands on your home page in the initial research stages all the way through to the end of the decision to purchase. We understand that each of your prospects is different, and each one has different needs. Our process for improving website conversion will ensure that your website is ready to sell to every visitor who lands on your home page, no matter who she is or why he’s there.

When you’re done, you’ll have:

  • Improved site usability
  • Lower abandonment rates
  • Higher website conversion rates
  • More favourable impressions of your company among site visitors
  • More people at your website, doing what you want them to do

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