About Us

About MUnsterweb web design
We’re a small, friendly, web design agency with one big goal – to provide exceptional service and build websites that deliver extraordinary results. Ok, admittedly that’s two goals, but you get the picture.

We’re different from your “run of the mill” web design agency because we build websites with traffic and revenue in mind. Whenever we start work on a project, our primary aim is to make sure the website ranks well in Google and other search engines. This dictates everything we do on the site, from design/layout to written content and imagery. Aswell as ranking well, the site needs to engage with its visitors, so we develop web strategies that keep the visitors interested and “persuade” them to perform an action, whether it’s subscribe to a newsletter, fill in an enquiry form or make a booking or buy a product.

Tough Early Lessons

When we opened our agency doors in Nenagh, Co Tipperary over 7 years ago, we struggled big time. We struggled to keep our costs down, we struggled to compete with larger web design agencices and our strategy of coding bespoke websites by hand meant we struggled to offer our clients entry level websites at a price they could afford.

So we had to revisit our strategy and pricing model many times over. We needed to find a way to build websites at relatively low cost, but still offer our clients the high-end functionality, such as content management system (CMS), search engine optimisation control, image editing and so on, which was usually found in only the most expensive web CMS platforms.

Our Eureka Moment

So, did we manage to succeed? Thankfully, yes we did, but only through trial and error and a combination of many other factors. Firstly, we started dabbling with WordPress which, at the time, was very much a blogging platform, but with some modifications was able to function like other CMS systems, but at a fraction of the price. We were probably one of the first web design agencies in Ireland to develop full CMS websites in WordPress and now we build virtually all new websites on this platform. But, finding and adopting WordPress as our CMS of choice was only one part of the solution.

Reduced Build Costs Means Lower Prices

Frustratingly, build costs remained high because of the need to build websites from scratch every time.So we decided to look around for a framework which would enable us to speed up the theming process so we weren’t having to build every new website from scratch.

Eventually, we settled on two or three frameworks which gave us the flexibility to offer loads of different designs & layouts without compromising on quality or functionality. We also invested in a number of bespoke plugins which gave us a level of functionality never before offered in “budget” website solutions. These were probably the best two commercial decisions we ever made and allowed us to survive and build a sustainable web design business.

Being Small Isn’t An Excuse To Drop Standards

But what’s crucial is that we still remain very much a small business and we share the “small business” mentality of our clients. We understand the critical importance of keeping costs low, but we also understand the need to have a strong & professional online presence to compete against other firms with deeper pockets.

This “small business, big ideas” mentality means we better understand our clients’ needs and are able to offer high-end web design solutions to suit any budget. There is really no excuse for a small or medium sized business to have an ineffective website. Don’t allow your business to get left behind.

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